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Welcome to my website.

Actress, storyteller, book enthusiast. Character driven performer with a talent for accents. I am a professional actress, singer and voice over artiste, with a wealth of experience in both live and recorded performance. I made my theatrical début aged seven and my passion for performance was immediately sparked, leading to a lifelong involvement in performing arts. Storytelling has always been close to my heart and after performing in numerous radio plays, it was a natural progression to narrate audiobooks. I delight in bringing characters to life and seeing them 'rise up from the page', but I am equally passionate about non-fiction, researching each subject and enjoying the privilege of continuously learning through my work. I also love to sing, frequently joining colleagues, friends and associates as a guest performer at live gigs or providing backing harmonies for studio recordings. I have sung with choirs, large and small in many genres including classical, pop, jazz, gospel and musical theatre.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss a potential project or require further information:

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